Will I work with a real tutor?

Yes, one of our tutors from Virtual Tutors Online will be live with you.

Will the session take place in real time or via e-mail?

You will meet at a set time that you select on our scheduler. You will be in real time with your tutor.

Do I need a special program on my computer for online tutoring?

No. You will be sent (via e-mail) a URL. Click on the link and you will be prompted to download a quick plugin that only takes a few seconds, and then you will be connected to the Web site for the meeting.

Can the tutor see me?

You will be seen on the monitor. Visual and audio are recorded for student and tutor review.

Can the tutor hear me?

You will be prompted to turn on your microphone. Then you and the tutor can talk using the computer.

Can the tutor see my paper?

Not until you make it happen. If you have a draft, the tutor will ask you to share your document and tell you how. Once you do this, the tutor can see your paper.

Can the tutor get access to my computer?

No! Only you have access to your computer.

How can I prepare for my online session?

  • Choose a location with few interruptions and little ambient noise. If you can hardwire your computer, you will experience less lag and have more clarity.
  • Have your assignment handy. If you have a copy on your computer, you can share it with your tutor.
  • Know the location of the draft of the paper you want to work on. Hunting around for it on your computer will waste your time and your tutor’s.
  • Have a phone handy. Occasionally there are computer glitches. You can still share your screen and have a conference using your phone.

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